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Community Feedback

No consideration for elderly/people with mobility issues who rely on their cars

Motorists of Corstorphine helplessly forced into another council-created steel trap, ironically hoping to save the planet by further clogging up St John’s Road with congestion"

Forcing vehicle access for disabled and elderly people to Ladywell East medical practice via the lower part of Featherhall Crescent and its junction with Ladywell Road is just asking for an accident to happen, the worst part of the Crescent with blind corners and oncoming traffic in the middle of the road, and a junction that is subject to flash flooding

No thought has been given to those who are elderly or less mobile and require to drive or be driven. Increased traffic being forced onto already narrow roads e.g Featherhall Terrace and the south end of Featherhall Avenue. No provision for residents/carers/visitors to Cedars to exit the property during bus gate times. Insufficient/inappropriately positioned signage to advise drivers of the hazards ahead, causing confusion and potentially accidents. An unnecessary, unwanted, extremely poorly planned and executed scheme

Forcing higher traffic volumes past schools that they were trying to reduce and use as an excuse for all the Spaces for People measures that were installed

I have a 96 year old Grandmother and a Mother in her 70s, both have limited mobility and cannot walk long distances, they attend the doctors surgery at Featherhall regularly which requires transport. These restrictions are to the detriment of their quality of life in the community

We live on St John’s Road but our back garden and drive open on to Featherhall Place, since Wednesday the traffic situation is horrendous ,my husband is disabled and we require the car to go shopping, trying to access the Terrace at times the “bus lane” is operating is an accident waiting to happen, also parents are still dropping kids off and parking in the Terrace so it’s a feat of ingenuity to squeeze anything but a normal sized car through, god help emergency service vehicles

At a time when many are still struggling with the cost of living crisis, drivers are being forced to take longer routes to get from A to B and thus using more expensive fuel (not to mention increasing the very pollution the council claim these measures are meant to reduce!)

More traffic on St John's Road and coming up station road because you can't use manse road after you have been to Tesco. I would normally go over by St Margaret's park and up Manse Road and avoid a majority of St John's Road and the nightmare that is Drumbrae roundabout but have to use alternative routes now

Like many as a fulltime worker and carer for a vulnerable older person, its essential I can get to my parent when I need to. There are no buses which link where I live and she lives, they were removed!

They are not solving anything with these changes, but creating new artificial problems which they now plan to solve by creating even more problems. I don't understand how preventing local residents from using local streets and forcing them all on to an already congested main road is supposed to cut down on congestion and pollution. It's almost as if they live in an alternate reality

The centre of Corstorphine is now extremely unattractive. Choked with cars backed up on all streets. Nowhere now to stop for shopping, even on foot, you can only buy what you can carry. I have a back condition so can't carry much and there's a limit to how long I can be on my feet. It does not make me want to visit any part of Corstorphine

I am a full time carer for my parents and before all these new traffic implements, it took me 5 minutes to get to my parents it sometimes takes 20 to 25 minutes which is ridiculous especially if I had to go in an emergency. A lot of the older generation like to go out and about and do their own shopping but taking buses away it will result in them not going out.....the person they talk to in the shop might be the only person they see.....its so sad to see all these new traffic restrictions probably decided by people who don't know anything about the area"

The Busy District nurses and carers who have to use these roads to visit patients, are now waiting in even longer queues of congested traffic just to do their work. It's disgraceful. It's bad enough with all the road works and diversions but now this!!

A historic high street with an absolute monstrosity in the middle of it

Not only a safety hazard but it is terrible for air quality as there are always cars idling waiting to go

It’s a very ugly and unnecessary pollution inducing hazard.

How about use the money to fix Edinburgh which is falling apart with their bonkers ideas. Roads are mess, schools need fixed, swimming pools and the list goes on

 Such a shame Corstorphine is just a mess now I'm all for progress but not at the demise of what was once a lovely place to shop and walk along

It is absolutely the same and we need some legal advice on how to challenge the dictatorship which is CEC.

These comments are an insult to the vast majority of residents/businesses in Corstorphine who are opposed to most of the disastrous changes that have been imposed on us.

I am a local resident and have never been consulted in any survey and I am totally against all of the recent changes to Corstorphine.

We have never been interviewed and have stayed in Corstorphine for over 40yrs. We would happily take part in any Non Biased interview.

Another business owner in Corstorphine here and I agree it’s having a negative effect on many of us.

What a distortion of the truth. Nobody in this area I have talked to wants this hideous mess they have foisted on Corstorphine.

The residents of Corstorphine are silent because they haven’t been asked

Distorted information to hoodwink the masses into thinking this is working when it isn't

Scott Arthur claims many of those against the project live outside the area. How does he know that? Give evidence that you know this. Does he not realise where the catchment area is for Corstorphine Primary School? That stretches all the way along to Turnhouse? West Craigs and impacts on those people. The man is clearly bias and proving it with these ridiculous claims.

An actual door to door survey of people that live in the area showed over 70% of residents are opposed to these draconian measures!

There literally was NO traffic problem. There is now though.

Should I stick my 3 year olds coat on. Send him out the door and hope he makes it along the Glasgow road. Over the Drumbrae round about. And in to the nursery all by himself. We’d love to be able to just walk or cycle all the time. But it sadly isn’t an option when trying to balance getting to work on time. Walking is unfortunately unrealistic for some.

Is anyone going to actually listen to the residents that this is causing chaos to our once calm community and I noticed this afternoon there are loads of vehicles parked on pavements and I assume this will be another big financial win for council funds from poor residents just trying to get around our streets. Here's hoping for something to revert out village streets back to it's residents.

Took me 25 minutes to get from Kirk Loan to Tesco today at 3.10pm. thanks to our "wonderful, caring council" Corstorphine was gridlocked

I went along High Street and up past Lidl to Drum Brae. Same congestion queued away back to bottom of Featherhall once you get through the narrowed bits at School. Awful even with a wider road than Station road. The powers that be sadly do NOT care what we are having to endure getting around our village.

My route home took me to the right turn into Station Road from St John’s Road at 18:15 or so, and it's actually extremely dangerous now - the extra traffic and the bins on the road near the top have increased the risks to all road users substantially.

Afraid all streets in Corstorphine have effectively become one-way streets now with traffic going both directions. Hate to say it, but you get used to it. You know what's coming next as well.... Parking measures, guaranteed

Manse road is much safer, with traffic lights to allow to get onto SJR safely. And it also allows traffic to go right and left which clears the traffic quicker and reduces pollution. It is more madness forcing so much traffic up station road or Pinkhill

They are not listening and they have no intention of listening. It is incredibly disrespectful to the community.

Despite our repeated emails, deputations and meetings they are ignoring the majority of the community in a vain attempt to recreate Copenhagen.

Further to the ETRO amendments & changes : changing & adding restrictions without any consultation, then consulting on those changes is dictation, not democratic & wastes a lot of taxpayers money for the testing of ideas which should be simulated(with realistic & provable results) at a minimum before implementing

High time we stopped paying our full Council Tax bill.......only thing this council will understand is when the money stops rolling in. It is absolutely sickening how our money is being wasted. We may as well run out and put it down the street drains.

The bus gate at Manse Road removes the only light-controlled right turn onto the main road during rush hour. This pushes more traffic through the already oversubscribed Drumbrae roundabout and increases queuing and journey times throughout the area. This increases emissions and also increases the number of people attempting to make a less safe right turn at the top of Station Road. Further, the closure at the top of Featherhall Avenue forces traffic out the bottom of Featherhall Avenue around a 2-way blind bend which is an absolute nightmare at busy times. These changes have made the area more unsafe. How do they square the above with the aims of improved safety and lowered emissions?

My mother who stays in Manse Road and is not able to get about much without the help of family transport or taxis, this is proving very difficult for the family as we cannot get near, parked or move about to get her that it’s stressing her out. Does the council actually consider the health of the residents in the area or is it just a money making scheme

Ask them why they are ignoring the results of the surveys carried out by the elected local councillors and yourselves which clearly show that the vast majority of Corstorphine residents are absolutely opposed to the restrictions already put in place, want those restrictions completely removed and no further alterations made until the matter has been put to a referendum of all Corstorphine residents. Also why do they insist on linking all this to some tenuous responses to targeted questions given in 2021 - when they have the true opinions of the Corstorphine residents now.

The LTN appears to be based on getting car drivers to give up their cars and to then use alternative

I regularly take my elderly mother from the Cedars (top of Manse Road) to see my father in a Nursing Home. During bus gate hours it can take over 10 minutes of stressful driving through narrow and congested streets to get to the point we could just have turned right onto. Nuts.

I have just been down Manse Street and noticed that the wooden planters have been moved and replaced with give way lines across the whole width of the road at both ends?!?  Is this a mistake as we need to get in, in order to give way to get out.  I’m fuming. Roads are also so narrow now which makes parking very difficult.

Just observed two fire appliances heading down Meadowplace Road with lights and sirens on being delayed due to traffic struggling to let them past because of these stupid bollards. The delay could cost someone's life.

Shocking! It just never seems to end the chaos and dangerous/shoddy workmanship that’s sent Corstorphine’s way on almost a daily basis

Corstorphine and surrounding is the absolute pits to commute in now, constantly nose to tail every day, the Maybury road getting worse and worse too, and the Meadowplace Road is now one of the worst about, tragic, was always steady but fine enough until they faffed about with the lanes and closed roads surrounding now more and more flats and properties built around the area just pushing more and more onto the main highways, soul destroying

I pass there every day and now there's a permanent queue of cars idylling outside the school with their engines running waiting to give way to the traffic travelling up the High Street. I'd say it's creating more pollution than before. No one could really park outside the school before the expensive pencils were installed as there was never room to do so.

No - the primary school parents were not asked or consulted about anything to do with the LTN.

I am for improving services / cycle lanes etc. to make it easier and safer for people to choose alternative options but I am against decisions based solely to make it impossible for drivers and the undemocratic nature of what’s been carried out.

The bus gate is ridiculous. There was a good flow of traffic around prior to the bus gate and it’s resulted in increasing traffic elsewhere.


I'm not a primary school parent but I am a resident in Featherhall and I take issue with para 5 of Low Traffic Corstorphine’s submission where they say many Featherhall/Manse Rd residents enjoy the effect of the changes. At no time have they conducted a survey therefore cannot 'know' how the majority of residents in Featherhall/ Manse feel. The detailed evidence from 2021 shows the residents did not want the changes and I for one would like most of them removed.

CEC are very quick to make judgements on people with strong views about being ignored. Name calling is never a good starting point and only incites anger. Residents are the experts on their communities. Calling them names because they don't agree with 'political agenda' will not persuade them that CEC have their interests at heart. CEC are there to SERVE THE PUBLIC. Not to DICTATE how people should live their lives and certainly not to insult the people they are paid to represent.

All I seem to hear is bus gate this & bus gate that all the time!! Of note I am against that element of change as well!! What about the horrendous pocket park & the no entry onto SJR from the RBS/Centurion Pub!! I reside in Featherhall & feel like a caged animal due to the lack of exit points!!

Totally agree in particular the pocket park I have only twice seen anyone having a seat, I walk past it regularly (and drive past it too when I can summon up the energy to tackle the roads)!!

Went to my daughters in Featherhall today at 3.30 to drop something off. Big mistake took me 25min to get back to the top of Drum Brae. Queue of traffic right along Corstorphine High St past the school . Makes no sense at all closing Manse Road.

The total waste of money on Saughton Road North is unbelievable!! Why when the existing pavements are 5ft wide do they NEED to be widened more?? It’s hardly Princes Street! As you can see in these pics not a soul to be seen on pavements.


The Pavement outside Corstorphine Primary which was widened is now effectively the same width as it was before - now that they have added Anti Parent School Run Posts.


How much more money can this council waste! I am sure many school kid would appreciate a hot meal, a warm house or hat, coat and gloves. Or an elderly person to help get them washed and dressed and ensure they have a hot meal and someone to talk to!


And that’s in a conservation area. The posts should be black with a reflective ring. This is a cheap eyesore!


What exactly is the point of widening the pavement then putting bollards in the widened part, absolute waste of time.


If you own a listed property in Corstorphine, there are very strict rules for changes you can make to it to ensure they are sympathetic to keep the property as original as possible, But the council have thrown all those rules out the window in this heritage area and destroyed the heart of the once unique and quaint area.


I’m sorry those pencils are an eyesore and not fitting with the environment. That’s my opinion and appreciate others will disagree

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