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Corstorphine LTN FOI Requests

The following has been obtained through the City of Edinburgh Council's Freedom of Information Request procedure.

The following has been obtained through the City of Edinburgh Council's Freedom of Information Request procedure. All information and documents can be found here: Freedom of information (FOI) disclosure log – The City of Edinburgh Council

All results of Queue, pedestrian & cyclists JTC Traffic accidents pertaining to all roads effected by the Corstorphine LTN experiment, specifically traffic monitoring results on Manse Road, Corstorphine High Street, Station Road, Kirk Loan and Featherhall Avenue during the planning and implementation of the experiment starting 24th May 2023.

Please forward any and all information, evidence, or reports that the council possesses of attempts by any organisation, group, or individuals to influence participation in the on-line survey, or to influence responses by other participants etc.

Response: We do not hold this information.

Any data and/or details of the consultations that took place between the Corstorphine Connections LTN initiative and the Emergency Services.

Detail on the number of penalty charges issued for the bus lane cameras installed during 2023 at Manse Road, Corstorphine Edinburgh. Secondly, details of the value of those penalty charges that were paid.


Jun-23 2298 fines = £50,730.00
Jul-23  2293 fines = £48,300.00

Total cost was of the Corstorphine Low Traffic Neighbourhood project or the cost to date if still not completed.


Construction cost to date: circa £276k
Cost design, communications and engagement: circa £191

Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3 Safety Audits, RSA logs (road safety audit logs and actions) and all audit related drawings relating to the Corstorphine LTN changes to Manse Road as well as more widely for the entire Corstorphine LTN.

When the alterations to roads and footways were tendered for by contractors and the cost of the temporary works and the permanent works involved to create the Corstorphine LTN.

Response: The tender submission was made on 28 June 2023. All of the works are on a trial basis. However, the delivery has been separately into 2 phases due to the different types of works. Phase 1 has been: £276,319 and phase 2: £369,743.

Details of the total cost of all traffic, road pavement and “planting for phases 1 and 2 in Corstorphine. Including consultancy costs associated with engagements and project management.

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